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Circle Time Clip 2009 - 2017

Yvonne's Family Preschool is a second generation family preschool and has been open in Santa Clara since 1995. We are state licensed, Health & Safety trained, and CPR & First Aid certified. We have 2 teachers and 1 assistant to provide care for the children.  

We provide home cooked lunch and dinner, snack with fruits, milk, juice, and water. We have a water filtration for our cooking and drinking water. We assist in potty training. We have a child size sink outside for children's hand washing.  

Children take a 2 hour nap, and play outside when weather permits. We do our best to provide an environment for children to be safe, healthy, happy, and well educated.


We have two classes by age group. We call them Bumblebee and Monarch.

1. Bumblebee Class: Age 2 to 3 years old. We teach all of the basics: ABC's, phonics, counting numbers 1 to 20, shapes, colors, sight words, etc. This builds a foundation for the next class.

2. Monarch Class: Age 3 to 5 (3 until kindergarten). We work one on one with each child daily with phonics until they can recite them. Then we start teaching them to sound out 3 to 5 letter words so that they can begin to read English. We also work with them to trace letters and numbers to help build motor control. They advance from counting numbers to learning simple math. Yvonne teaches them to read Chinese characters. 

 We also offer piano to our Monarch class as an effort to improve our curriculum. This is an elective at no extra cost. Each student learns to read notes from the beginning. 


* We are a Large Family Daycare/Preschool

* Capacity: 14 children

* License # 434412605

* We are open Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

* Self owned single family home.

* Smoke free, pet free, pool free home.

* Large, safe, back yard for outdoor play.

* We have an age appropriate, commercial play structure. (Kid Center 3 with slide)

Why us?

Yvonne has a college degree in Childhood Development and has 27 years experience working with children from infant to high school age. For 3 consecutive years Yvonne was awarded the Title of Outstanding Preschool Teacher by Santa Clara County.    

Yvonne does arts and crafts with the children. Jerry is American and has been working together with Yvonne for 14 years, and plays guitar at circle time. Yvonne and Jerry both teach circle time.

* Children under 2 years old are allowed, but not required to participate in circle time.

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